Gabriel - 1.13.20.mp3

Song Synopsis: Ruby and Juliette sing a duet about Gabriel who is struggling with ADHD and deep anxiety.


By Nicole Alifante and Tony Hoylen - Performed by Kaylee Taylor and Nicole Alifante

Performed by Nicole Alifante and Kaylee Taylor

Ruby: V1

They didn’t mean to break you down

Take away your halo crown

Pitchfork you carry around

Was only for show

It’s good to know just who you are

It may not get you very far

And when you wish upon a star

Those dreams come slow

Ruby: Chorus

When you’re the King, you’ll sleep at night

Prove them wrong

They’ll medicate your appetite

Just stay strong

Summon all the angels, calm the storm

Blow your horn


Juliette: V2

If we could look outside the lines

We could see inside your mind

Majestic and sublime

But still in need

Can you help us understand?

Do you laugh when we make plans?

But if we leave it all to chance.

Will you be free?

Juliette and Ruby: Chorus: Repeat