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Mayflower Avenue is a breakthrough original work in theatrical storytelling written by Nicole Alifante and Stephanie Stowe and directed by Kevin R. Free. It offers an intimate glimpse into life within a suburban New York enclave on the eve of another presidential election. It features the talents of eleven actors, a collective band with a large group of singers who front the band ! The music is written by a collective of songwriters led by Nicole. Mayflower Avenue opens the door on four American families, each poised on the edge of personal and national change, as they search for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Mayflower Avenue, depending on where it's produced, can consist of eleven actors and a band with the actors singing the songs in a traditional musical format. However, a larger more epic and collaborative concept would be to have the eleven actors perform the play while the band along with eleven singers (the Collective Unconscious, Society, The Greek Chorus) perform the music. The eleven singers would mirror the characters and play out their emotional moments through song. This choice would play more like a play and a concert all at once with the actors, singers and the band sharing a symbiotic relationship on stage. Dreamy.....

Mayflower Avenue is here right on time. We made it through the 2020 election, in a pandemic no less, and our young country continues to struggle to define itself and to hold on to the fragile experiment we call democracy. We need to HEAR each other and what better way than through theater !? Theater should be uncomfortable, thought provoking and healing. We feel like we've created something transformative as do all who have participated in the project so far.

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Nicole and Stephanie