** Before you journey into reading about the cast and crew of our first reading the production team wants to aknowlege that we would never have gotten this far without the beautiful people who graced the stage at the New Rochelle Library on November 17th, 2019 ! They are forever Mayflower family members! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

PROGRAM for our first reading below!

New Rochelle Public Library, November 17th, 2019

MAYFLOWER AVENUE - A Play With Songs by Nicole Alifante and Stephanie Stowe

Five years ago, Nicole Alifante was struggling to understand the country she was living in. What began as a simple concept; to tell the story of an American community poised on the edge of personal change, against a backdrop of national transformation - quickly became her creative mission. In her search to develop Mayflower Avenue, Nicole found a soulmate and collaborative partner in playwright, Stephanie Stowe. Three years later, after innumerable drafts, the addition of Director Kevin R. Free, Producer Laurie Gage, and the gathering of an extraordinary cast of actors, musicians, composers, arrangers, and singers - we have arrived here today, ready to share this work-in-progress with you. On behalf of the entire cast and creative team we are deeply grateful to be a part of this new, extended family, filled with open hearts and brilliant talents!

The Cast

( *Actors Equity Association)

Juliette DeLamora ..…. Sarah Franek

Peter DeLamora ……… Miles East

Gabriel DeLamora …… Chris Nigro

Jeffrey Gaines ………...Russell Jordan *

Michelle Gaines ……… Noelle LuSane

Ruby Gaines ………….. Kailah S. King

Jeffrey “G” Gaines ….. Alcides Costa

Nick Lloyd………………Chance Kelly *

Teddy Silva ………….... Varín Ayala *

Sophia Murphy ………. Emily Holland *

Liam Murphy………….. Michael Joseph Murray *

Stage Directions ……...Tom Coppola

The Singers

Gabrielle Alino, Cynthia La Cruz, Diamond Dotson, Marcus Robert, Melanie Farrow Kraut,

Anne Mottola, Isaac Raz, Shane Spencer, Artie Tobia

The Band

Steph Chinn, Ken Dircks, Miles East, Neil Herman, Paul Huang

The Songwriters

Nicole Alifante with: Miles East, Al Hemberger, Kerry Hopwood, Tony Hoylen, Paul Huang, Marc Shulman

The Production Team

Nicole Alifante - Concept/Music/Production

Stephanie Stowe - Book/Playwright

Kevin R. Free - Director

Laurie Gage - Producer

Steph Chinn - Arranger

Paul Huang - Charts

Al Hemberger- Sound Design

Jeffrey Alston - Historical/Cultural Consultant

Anne Mottola - Marketing

Barbara Davis - The New Rochelle Public Library

Adam Reist @ Dare To Be Films - Videographer


Some of the following people sat down with us for interviews so that we could tell genuine stories.

Others just rolled up their sleeves or supported this project in

any way they could!

Jeffrey Alston

Jane Bolster

Alexander Burt

Emily O’Connor

US Navy linguist, Jase Daniels

DRX Studios and Cindy Dircks

Barbara Davis

Charlie Hairston

Michael Hull

Lehman College

Lehman Stages & Dante Albertie

Detective John Lloyd

Felice Neals

Samson Nesser

Dom and Isabelle Nigro

Dhari Noel

Detective Luis Martinez

Al McCutchen

The New Rochelle Public Library

Jennifer O’Grady

Dorothy Oliver

Henry Ovalles

Caleb Rohrbacher

PJ Sosko

Fe Torres

United Stage Associates Warehouse

Judith Webber

Gregg Wiggans