NICOLE ALIFANTE was a professional actor in NYC for a decade before she decided to work from home raising her son full time. She was seen on Law and Order twice, multi-commercials and on stage both in NYC and on the regional theater circuit. She is an honorary member of Transport Group Theater Co. She was a voice over artist with Abrams Artists Agency.

She started writing songs in 1999. While staying home with her son and living in Westchester she built a songwriting catalogue of close to 90 songs. She made an album, LA LA LA in 2016 and the title track landed on 107.1, The Peak. Nicole produced numerous songwriter circles in Westchester and is the vocalist for The Ken Dircks Trio. (listen to some of her songs HERE)

Nicole dreamt up the characters and story line for Mayflower Avenue and found her writing soulmate, Stephanie Stowe. Nicole is a New Rochelle native and felt that the story would be best set in New Rochelle. Nicole and Stephanie interviewed countless people in order to imagine the characters and they had a generous consultant in Jeffery Alston, also a New Ro native.

Nicole was blessed to have many of her talented neighbors like Ken Dircks, Paul Huang, Miles East, Neil Herman and Melanie Kraut supporting the Mayflower Avenue project. Steph Chinn jump started the arranging which is still in the works! There were many songwriters attached to this project based on relationships that Nicole has cultivated over a decade in Westchester. Kerry Hopwood, Miles East, Al Hemberger, Tony Hoylen, Marc Shulman, etc. The process of creating Mayflower Avenue has been one of the most transformative experiences of her life and there is so much more to come for this project!

She also founded CURE, The Coalition for Understanding Racism Through Education, a non- profit in Larchmont and Mamaroneck, in the hopes that learning with her community about institutional racism in America will move people to take action and change policy in order to create a racially equitable society. All of her passions feed each other. She is supported by her husband, Eric. Her son, Leo is a young artist in the making and she happily endures his pure diet of Heavy Metal and his own journey into writing and performing.