Mayflower Avenue-Gabriel's Logic.mp3

Gabriel's Logic written by Nicole Alifante and Leo Soloway

Gabriel's logic opens the play as the families are rising on the morning of another presidential election in the near but distant future. The news, coming from each home, plays over the scenes and Gabriel's father tries to get him to turn down the noise, Gabriel's morning ritual, which on this particular morning, feels just too much to tolerate. 

This is an instrumental tune that becomes the "theme" music for the families living on Mayflower Avenue. Written by Gabriel who is a masterful progressive metal guitarist and passionate about recording music in the logic program. The title of the song is also a play on words. Gabriel is neurodiverse and navigates the world through his lens, his logic of how things shoudl be. Like all of the neighbors on Mayflower Avenue, he's figuring out his place in this fraught world.